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    Thunder Punch He-man MOC, new adventures of He-man, 1990 Mattel. This is a great figure from the end of the 90’s toy line. Finally they made him look stronger again. Card and blister are intact.

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  • Original double-sided He-man and the Masters of the Universe Italian POSTER 47cm x 33cm, from the ending era. The poster shows all the htf He-man figures sold in action. Tytus, Megator, Scare Glow, Ninjor, Dinosaurs and more! The poster is in MINT unfolded condition. This is the original Poster and NOT a reproduction, smells old and is in mint condition...

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  • 55,00 €

    Multi-Bot with Box, original from Mattel’s Masters of the Universe toy line. Figure is 100% compleet and SEALED! with his original box which is unpunched but does has some water damage on the side, comes with original comic. I’m the first one, taking out this figure for picture!

    55,00 €
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    Free admission ticket to the online MOTU museum. In the museum you'll find over 350 MOTU collectables from all over the world. From candy to electronics, so much cool stuff has been produced over the years. This is the result of 25+ years collecting and still going on! Connect to Facebook to be updated for new Museum Entries!

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Who is Motuman?


Motuman is a name I created in the 90s when subscribing my first ever email address. I had no idea what to choose, but at that time my room had 4 walls covered with He-man, so I thought Masters of the Universe + a lot of figures had the word man in the name = Motuman. My nickname was born! All I ever used from that moment on, was the name Motuman and now finally, I registered the name and created something I wanted for a long time… It’s not nice to collect something when you can’t look at it. This is the problem I had, people asked me all the time if they could see my collection, but I always had to say no because most is in boxes. Not anymore, I pictured everything I found over the years and it’s on display in the member area. It took me some time, but I’m happy with the result  and to share it with people who understand. My goal is to make a real paperback book for use as a guide and lots of more ideas will pass by. 

Thank you for your support,